What courses do mind//shift offer? 

We offer a range of training courses which help people to understand mental health and wellbeing, look after their own wellbeing and support others who may be experiencing a mental health issue.  This includes Mental Health First Aid courses, a wellbeing half-day course and tailor-made packages.  Courses can be delivered online and face-to-face.

 MHFA is an internationally recognised course,
taught in 
24 countries around the world.

Courses are available online with a live instructor and face-to-face

Our courses are accredited by MHFA England.  

Three good reasons to invest in mental health and wellbeing training

You'll know how to help colleagues...

We all have mental health, just as we all have physical health.


Mental ill health can strike at any time and can affect people from all walks of life.


Do you know how to help someone with mental ill-health? 

It is a good move for your business...

Mental ill health is responsible for 91 million working days lost every year.


Healthy people are happier, more engaged and more productive. 

Your people will feel empowered...

Building a supportive culture around mental health has wider benefits.


With the skills, knowledge and empathy they need to spot the early signs of mental ill health you'll build resilience and support your wider business objectives. 

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