Feedback on our courses 

We work hard to create a supportive, positive learning experience for everyone who takes part in our courses.  Here's what some recent participants said...

"Our instructor was a delight and really managed to create a comfortable atmosphere, despite it being an online course"

"As a trainer, our instructor was one of the best I have experienced; highly knowledgeable, adaptable and friendly. For the life skills I have gained from it the course price was reasonable. It was great to complete it online and meet people from different parts of the country and backgrounds."

“The instructors created and very warm and open environment where many people felt safe to share their experiences.  They dealt with difficult subjects in a sensitive way using humour, where appropriate, whilst still conveying the gravity of the subjects covered.  I was really impressed with the quality and range of the training and feel better equipped to help others and myself when necessary.”

"Our instructor was really friendly, approachable and knowledgeable. He covered the course material, and pitched it in a style and level to suit our group. Everyone's contributions were listened to and valued. He tried to make sure we also left with a clear answer. I felt that the online format worked well, with a good balance of own learning and reading, listening and discussion and practical activities. I definitely learned new information and increased my skills and confidence."


There's no doubt that Mental Health First Aid is a necessity in anyone’s learning nowadays, I certainly think it should be included in school.  I thoroughly enjoyed this course, if 'enjoy' is the correct word to use... It was very well paced and delivered, relaxed and non-judgemental. I have already recommended it."


"One of the most interesting and supportive courses I've ever completed as a leader of an organisation. It was incredibly helpful in developing an understanding of how to support others, as well as myself, in the event of having to respond and potentially manage mental ill health in a team member or visitor. Our facilitator kept the energy levels at productive pace, but created space for reflection and interaction that is necessary to build confidence in the wider group to share. Quite remarkable when facilitating online. This course and what it enables in a team seems vital in providing safer spaces and environments."

"This course really enabled me to gain a deeper understanding of mental health and how to support those experiencing mental ill health. Our instructor was brilliant and delivered the course really well giving us the information whilst also allowing us to explore our own personal experiences and this balance was great."

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