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Teaching about mental wellbeing - new government guidance

On 8 June 2020, the Department for Education published new guidance on 'Teaching About Mental Wellbeing", which comes into effect from September 2020.  

Our courses can be used to supplement this guidance, enhance knowledge and build confidence for teachers. 


We are offering the the half-day 'Mental Health Aware' or two-day 'Mental Health First Aid' course in conjunction with a facilitated workshop which explores how the guidance can be combined with knowledge gained on our courses for a school setting. 

Fit or fragile? Are you ready to reopen your doors?

mind//shift has developed a tailored offer for schools, which focuses on giving staff the tools and knowledge to support each other and their students.  We also support schools to implement the 'Teaching about mental wellbeing' guidance issued in June 2020.

The return to school is going to be a challenging time for everyone and in recognition of this, we have developed a tailored offer for schools to up-skill teachers and other support staff.

Working in partnership with Touchstone Training we now offer:

For schools seeking leadership support, we have joined forces with Touchstone Training to offer a wider 'operational readiness' package known as 'Fit or Fragile'.  Schools can book mental health training on its own, or package this with the 'Fit or Fragile' process.

Fit or fragile? Are you ready to reopen your doors?

As part of the planning to reopen schools, senior leadership teams will first need to assess the physical and mental state of all staff. Are they 'Fit or Fragile?' All staff will have been affected by the impact of social distancing but in addition there are other factors which they may have experienced. For instance:


  • Teaching responsibilities, coping with working remotely, including increased parental contact and anxieties

  • Family responsibilities, home schooling their own children

  • Physical illness, themselves or close family

  • Social isolation and loneliness

  • Bereavement of family or friends

  • Financial anxieties due to loss of employment of other family members 

  • Family tension and domestic abuse

  • Substance misuse or addiction


Touchstone Training is offering senior leadership teams a process to assess how FIT or FRAGILE the staff as part of planning for school reopening.

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