How we work

We offer courses to individuals as well as organisations.

For individuals


We run monthly online courses that individuals can book a space on. The Online Mental Health First Aid course runs across four sessions with self-led learning in between each one. The half-day courses last around four hours.


Book your place on our website today.

For organisations

Organisations can book our MHFA training at a time, and place that works for you.  Courses can be delivered online or face-to-face.  


  • The face-to-face course lasts two full days, and ideally will be delivered on consecutive days.  The course could be split, however we would advise that the two days are as close together as possible for participants to get the most from their learning experience.

  • Online courses are spilt over four sessions. These can be scheduled to suit you. 

  • Each participant receives workbooks, manual and support materials to keep after the course, . These will be included in any costings provided.

  • We will prepare a tailor-made package based on the number of participants, location of the course and your other requirements, This will be based on MHFA's recommended participant fees.   

  • Our half-day courses can be delivered in an online webinar format as well as face-to-face, making them accessible regardless of where your teams are working

  • MHFA best-practice guidelines state:

    • Training courses should have a minimum of 8 and a maximum of 14 participants​ for the two-day course

    • Upto 25 people per course for the refresher and Mental Health Aware courses.

What does it cost?

Every organisation we work with is different and we put together training packages for organisations based on their unique requirements and the nationally recommended rates. 
The first step is to get in touch for a discussion and we'll be happy to develop a tailor made quote and price for you. 

The practicalities

Organisations working with trainers delivering face-to-face training will be asked to provide: 

  • An appropriate training space that is comfortable for participants, where training can take place without too much interruption.  During the Covid 19 Pandemic, all social distancing measures must be in place. 

  • All refreshments for the group, for morning and afternoon breaks.  They may choose to provide lunch or ask participants to bring their own.

  • Ideally, organisations will also provide a powerpoint projector and speakers.  If you are unable to do this we can discuss alternative arrangements.

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